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Is a Ghostwriter Right for You?

One of the first things I learned when I first opened kn literary arts is that the term “ghostwriter” has a realllllllly bad rep. I would be chatting with prospective clients, and the same publishing obstacles would come up: Not enough time to write a whole book or proposal Not confident in the writing process […]

14 Tips to Love Writing Again

When we think of writing, we often think of the sexy parts. The inspiration of the muse! The poetic prose, flowing on the page! The readers whose lives are about to change! While all that’s well and good, the truth is there’s nothing sexy about the butt-in-chair time required to actually write that book. If […]

Memoir vs. Autobiography

Both these terms point to a similar genre: Books about one’s own life, written from one’s own perspective. Yet the word “autobiography” points toward a biographical summary of one’s life, written by oneself. It generally begins at birth and continues through the present day, recording one’s accomplishments and failures, trials and successes, over a long […]

Thank You. That’s All.

Books are at the heart of my business and my world, and they’re the centerpiece of each blog I write. But not today. Today, I am simply saying thank you. Since the summer, my world has been rocked. At the end of July, my partner, Benjamin, was diagnosed with a rare form of bile duct […]

Why You Need An Editor

Here’s a great interview Kelly did with Crystal-Lee Quibell about the basics of writing and publishing. Enjoy!   Kelly Notaras is a writer, book editor, NLPMarin Master-certified coach and the founder of kn literary arts. She offers one-on-one book consultations by appointment; fill out our questionnaire to get started.

Three Steps to Estimating Your Page Count

Today, we diverge from our regularly scheduled program to bring you a math lesson. Groan. I know. But if you’ve spent any time working on a book proposal, you know that one piece of information prospective agents and publishers want to know requires you to do some futuristic math. Even though you haven’t written the […]