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Our founder Kelly Notaras has written the first-ever how-to guide for writing, publishing and marketing a transformational nonfiction book.

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You’re Meant to Be

There’s a book you were born to write. Whether you have an inspiring story to tell, or a transformational message to bring to the world, your book is important and needed.

So what’s stopping you?


Maybe life is busy and full, and it’s hard to find the time to write. Maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe the book journey feels too long and complicated. (Or maybe you’ve written books before, but something mysterious is standing in the way of this one.)

You need guidance from people who know the answers. People who have dedicated their careers to helping authors like you get a book into the world.     That’s where we come in.

We’re a tribe of book pros who offer comprehensive support to authors writing transformational nonfiction. (That’s self-help, personal growth, spirituality and inspirational memoir.) It’s our job to know the answers to the questions you’re asking. Let us help.


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We’ve got the expertise you need to turn your ideas into a world-changing book.

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Have a message or story to share—but can’t seem to get it to the page?

Let us help. Our collaborative writers have the skill, time and experience to bring your book or book proposal to life.

book editing services

Every book needs a second set of eyes, no matter how good it is.

From developing your ideas to polishing your prose, we’ll get your book or proposal into the shape that will make you proud.

book editing services

Need help choosing the right topic? Staying focused? Getting published?

We have experienced book coaches who are ready to inspire and inform, no matter where you are on your book journey.

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We can help you:

  • Choose the right book idea
  • Finish a first draft
  • Craft a book proposal
  • Navigate your publishing options
  • Build a strong outline
  • Develop and line edit your work
  • Proofread your final draft
  • Build a platform


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Fill out our short survey about your book. You’ll then schedule a call to talk with an Editorial Matchmaker, a professional book editor who will listen to your unique needs and hand-pick the right collaborator for you.


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Choose Your Journey

Whether you’re still honing your idea or you already have a draft ready, we can meet you where you are. We’ll map out a plan to get a book into your hand--and into the world. It starts with pairing you with the right editor, writer or coach.


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Start Your Book

Forget overwhelm and wasted time. With us, you have decades of professional book expertise on your side. We’ll walk you through our customized, step-by-step approach–and you’ll watch your book dream come to life!


kn literary arts

Our founder, Kelly Notaras, began kn literary arts with a mission to amplify positive change through the world of books.

Back then we had just a couple editors at the ready. Since 2013 we’ve grown to 35 editors, writers and coaches and have helped over 500 authors on the book journey. (Including some of your favorite authors, like Nick Ortner, Nancy Levin, Matt Kahn, and Regena “Mama Gena” Thomashauer.)



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3 Book Outline Templates to Help
You Organize Your Thoughts