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Wayne Dyer

Welcome home, Wayne Dyer.

Hello friends,

It’s with a pang of sadness in my heart that I start this blog post today. Since the last time I wrote to you, we lost one of our greats: Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I always say that KN Literary “started itself.” What I mean is that I didn’t intend to start a book studio. But in truth, nothing starts itself. Several people played very key roles in getting the company off the ground.

Wayne Dyer

Nancy Levin invited me to the Hay House Writing From Your Soul Workshop in May of 2013, just for kicks.

Reid Tracy brought me up to the microphone at that conference, and asked me to talk about what it meant to be an editor.

And Wayne Dyer—who was headlining the conference—told everyone I’d done a great job editing his daughter Serena’s book.

The next day I had a business.

In the 2-1/2 years since, I’ve had the great fortune to share the stage—as well as backstage meals, laughs and stories—with Wayne and the Hay House crew. I can tell you that behind closed doors he was as funny, mischievous and sincere as any human being I have ever met. And each time I heard him speak, he inspired me with his dedication to his own spiritual unfolding—which continued right up until the day he left us.

When I got the text telling me he had died, my first experience was disbelief. But close on its heels, and to my utter surprise, the feeling I had was…joy.

I know, it sounds weird. But anyone who spent any time at all with this man could tell you that his first love was that of the great mystery. And I felt celebration on his behalf, that he had finally dissolved back into it.

I typed back, “I can’t believe he’s gone.” When I re-read what I had written, I saw that my phone had autocorrected the text to, “I can’t believe he’s home.”

Welcome home, Wayne. Thank you for everything you brought to our collective experience while you were here. You will be loved, missed and remembered by all of us.

Love + books,