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The Power of a High-Concept Book Hook

Hook you say? What’s a hook? That, my would-be author friend, is the question I am answering in this video! A “hook” is the one- or two-sentence description of what your book is about. And it’s the first thing you want to present to agents, editors and readers. The more high-concept and narrowly tailored your hook is, the more intriguing and must-read-able your book becomes.

In today’s video I will explain the difference between a broad, “mushy” hook and a one that will wow all the right people. Check it out–and if you’re feeling brave, let me know YOUR book’s hook in the comments on our Facebook page! I promise to write back with thoughts from an editor’s perspective. Enjoy!

(And of course, if you want help dialing in your hook, we’d love to talk with you. Visit to let us know you want a chat!)

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