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Nailing Your Book Pitch with a High-Concept Hook

What’s the very first stop when you’re writing a book? It’s to set book’s “North star”–which, in the book biz, we call your “Hook.” It’s no exaggeration to say finding an amazing hook is your #1, tip-top responsibility as you’re mapping out your plans for your book. 

Also known as your “book pitch,” “positioning statement” or “elevator pitch,” your hook should be no more than 1-2 lines long and should tell the reader exactly who the book is for and why they need it.

Getting your hook dialed in before you start is one of the keys to ease on the writing path. Clarity is king when it comes to writing a book, and your hook gets you super clear on what you want to say.

This is mantra territory: Once you dial your hook in, you’ll want to memorize it and be prepared to pop it out at a moment’s notice!

Your hook should have five important qualities: it should be narrowly tailored, high-concept, unique, magnetic and salable. I explain each of these in detail in the video below.

If you follow my instructions in the video below, you’ll be WAY ahead of the pack when it comes to nailing your book pitch. 

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