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Tuning Up Your Website for a Book Launch

There are many priorities to juggle when you’ve got a book coming out in the world. It can sometimes start to feel overwhelming!

That’s why I’m pulling back the curtain on my very own book launch–to explain what I’m up to–and paying attention to–in the 10 weeks leading up to my launch of The Book You Were Born to Write.

This week’s video gives some background info on book launches in general, and then outlines my Week 10 Book Launch Priority: tuning up your website so it’s ready for increased web traffic.

You’ll learn:

  • Some background on why I wrote this book in the first place—and the three types of goals you might want to set for your book (personal, service-oriented and professional)
  • The surprising things I’m not prioritizing as I prepare to launch the book
  • My #1 mistake so far on my book launch (ouch!)
  • My week 10 book launch priority—and the resources I’m leaning on to accomplish it

Note that this is a quick and dirty video, mostly because I have so much else on my plate (as you’ll hear!) that I literally don’t have time to make anything fancy. So pardon the “dust” and enjoy the breakdown of Week 10!