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[VIDEO] 4 Examples of Lead Magnets: Giveaways That Build Your List

When it comes to building your platform—as part of your book launch or anytime—you’ll need to woo folks into handing over their email address. How do you create a convincing case for ponying up such precious information? By offering them something precious in return!

Any free content or experience you offer a visitor in exchange for their email address is called a “lead magnet.” Creating lead magnets that get the job done is an art, but it’s an art anyone can learn.

In this video I explain:

  • What a lead magnet is
  • Why you might want to create one (or a dozen!)
  • 4 examples of lead magnets that we’re using as part of my book launch campaign

If you have a goal of building an email list of devoted fans (and, eventually, readers), there’s no single action you can take that’s more important than generating useful lead magnets that serve your audience well. Watch this video to learn how!