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gathering Your Book Launch Support Team

[VIDEO] You Need These Players on Your Book Launch Team

Just three weeks until The Book You Were Born to Write enters the world, and the excitement is almost overwhelming!

I swear the weeks get shorter, the closer we get to publication day.

In fact, if there’s nothing you take away from this blog, take this word of warning: Time speeds up during a book launch!

A month sounded like a long time a month ago. But right now I realize a month is a very short period of time when you’re trying to get a thousand things done.

Which brings me to the topic of this week’s Book Launch Countdown Video: How to gather a book launch team that rocks!

You’ll learn:

  • The five key players I’m leaning on during my book launch
  • The tasks I’m delegating to each of them
  • Three excellent websites for finding freelancers to fill these roles

It may be cliché, but it’s true: It takes a village to do anything great.

Watch my Week 3 Launch Video below and start gathering the village for YOUR launch!

Gathering Your Book Launch Support Team




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