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Someone’s Already Used Your Title…Now What?

The fact is, over 300,000 books are published every year. As original as each of us is, we aren’t that original in certain ways.

As an aspiring author, you may bump up against this lack of originality in one particular—painful—way.

During the research phase that is de rigeur for any author on the rise, you might discover a horrifying fact: Someone else has already used your title!

As a midwife to transformational books, I’ve discovered that Life often generates titles for the books it wants us to write long before the books themselves get written.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got several really freaking great titles in my back pocket this very minute, just waiting for their turn to be written.

True Fact: You can't copyright a book title.


So what do you do if you’ve found the title of your dreams—only to discover someone has used it before?

Step #1: Don’t panic. It’s 100% not the end of the world.

Step #2: Relax. You might still be able to use the title, depending on a few key factors. (And if not, go back to Step #1.)

In the video below, I’m giving you the skinny on what to do if you discover your “book baby” has a doppelganger on the shelf. You’ll learn:

  • The surprising truth about titles and copyright
  • The one circumstance where you absolutely should NOT use a phrase in your title
  • Three things to look for if you find another book with your title
  • The case for keeping an open mind when it comes to titling your book!

A book’s title is one of the most important selling points the book has. To avoid confusion in the marketplace, you need to know the rules of “titelage.” Everything you need is in this video—check it out now!

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