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Five Steps to Build Your Editing Skills

What if I told you that to become an author, you have to become an editor as well?

An editor?! Isn’t that what you hire someone else to do for you?

Well, yes. But the art of editing is something every author should dip a toe into.

Self-editing is a critical mid-step as you prepare to bring the book you were born to write into the world.  

And you don’t have to panic, I assure you. Editing can be fun! 

Even if you don’t light up at the sound of compound sentences and em dashes (who, me??) learning a few tricks of the trade will be useful along the path.

So in hopes of convincing you to pick up your proverbial red pen, I’ve just made you a little video on the subject of self-editing!

In this video you’ll learn:

  • What exactly an editor does
  • The different types of editing you’ll need
  • How to step back and see the “big picture”
  • What it means to “kill your darlings”—and why you gotta do it!
  • Plus a special bonus gift that will help you get started as an editor today


So let’s roll up those sleeves and give you a lesson in editorial magic!





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