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What It’s Like to Record An Audiobook (My Personal Story)

This has been a big year for me and KN Literary arts. Lots of growth and change on all fronts. (More on that as the year winds down!)

But when I look back on some of my favorite moments, one stands out in particular: Recording the audiobook of The Book You Were Born to Write!

(Which is now, ahem, available for pre-order wherever audiobooks are sold. ?)

I enjoyed that experience so much that I wanted to shoot you a quick video to explain what it was like, and what I learned!

In this week’s video, you’ll get:

  • My personal take on why you should put your book in audio
  • How to find the resources you’ll need
  • My 3 top tips for audiobook recording
  • And more!

Audio is only becoming more and more important to the book publishing business. Don’t miss this “wave”! I hope you’ll watch the video and let me know any questions in the comments.




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