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An 18-Month Book Launch Plan that Works!

By the time I launched my first book, I had already been in the industry for 20 years. So I’d had the great fortune of seeing what had worked for other people—and what hadn’t. Suffice it to say, I’d learned a lot.

Including the fact that an author’s work doesn’t stop when the book is finished.

Nope, successful authors put nearly as much effort into launching their books as they put into writing them.

There are a lot of reasons to do a concerted launch for your book. It creates demand and velocity. It alerts your audience that your book—the one they’ve been waiting for you to write—is on the way.

It also lays the foundation for your platform growth, helping that audience prepare to share your book with the people they know who might be interested.

And of course, it gets books flying off shelves—right away. Those early book sales are what helps the Powers That Be (as in, the bestseller lists) take notice.

To avoid the dreaded “failure to launch,” I started planning my strategy before the book was even written. I created a plan for myself, put that plan on a calendar, and followed it to the letter.

And now I’m pleased to be sharing that plan with you.




2 thoughts on “An 18-Month Book Launch Plan that Works!”

  1. Perfect timing! I’m in the process of finishing up the manuscript to send it to my publisher. And then it’s time to focus on the launch which is coming up in October. Thanks for all your help!! <3


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