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Writing for Change and Justice

If you’re reading this newsletter, it means you’re a writer interested in helping transform, uplift and inspire others to live more joyful, fulfilling and service-oriented lives.

So I’m pretty certain you care about basic human rights. For everyone. You probably also care about leading with love and compassion; fighting to end oppression; and dismantling systemic racism in all its forms. 

In other words, you’ve probably had a pretty rough last two weeks. 

I have, too.

To my black and brown friends, I cannot know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. But please know I see you. I love you. And I am so very sorry. 

To my white friends who are, like me, coming face to face with the inheritance of our whiteness—how it’s been used to harm, oppress and make use of  others for a very long time, and how we personally have benefitted from the racist culture we live in—I am as devastated as you are. 

But. The story is not over.

Which is where we come in. We, as in we writers.

If you are called by Life to be a writer, then you’ve been called into service at this moment. 

In addition to staying safe and sane (black and brown writers) and donating, volunteering, taking a stand, taking a risk, and committing fully to not going back to sleep (white writers), we all have a mission.

We need to write this moment.

I believe we are at a turning point. Likely the most important turning point in our lifetimes, and perhaps even in human history.

There will be a time when our ancestors will look back and will want—need—to know what was happening. On the ground. With everyday people. 

I want your voice to be there.

How do you make sure this is the case? You write what you see. What you feel. What you know.

And you don’t have to save it for future generations. How about sharing your voice now

How about speaking your values into the eyes and the ears of the whole—right now?

You can do it on social media.

You can do it in your newsletter.

You can do it on YouTube.

You can do it at the dinner table.

You can do it in dance class. (Hey—that was me last week!) 

Just, y’know, as they say—just do it.


Writing our way to justice.


Because I know you might need some help, I’ve created a list of writing prompts to help you get started writing about this moment in time. You can find it here.

In solidarity for what is just, right and true.


We also wanted to share our favorite anti-racist resources with all of you. From activist groups whose work we respect, to not-for-profits focusing on justice for people of color, to the work of black artists, writers and poets we adore—you’ll find recommendations from the whole KN Literary team, straight from our hearts, right here.



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