Why “Platform” Is the Most Important Word in Publishing Today

publishing today

If you are thinking of writing a book–but don’t yet know what a “platform” is–then this video is just for you! Author platform is THE buzzword in the book biz these days, and “What’s your platform?” is the first question an agent or editor is going to ask you when you tell them about your … Read more

Self-Publishing for Beginners

self publishing for beginners

Over the past two decades, the doorway to traditional publishing has gotten more and more narrow, and the barrier to entry has gotten higher and higher. What’s an aspiring author to do? Enter your knight in shining armor: self-publishing. Did you know that 76% of the books published each year are self-published? The DIY route … Read more

How to Find Literary Representation: The Who, What and How of Agents

literary representation

One of the most common questions we get at KN Literary arts is, “Will you agent my book?” While we are not a literary agency, we *do* help authors get ready to send their proposals out on agent submission. In this video, I answer the most frequently asked questions we get about the agenting process. … Read more

How to Get Your Book Published: What You Need to Know About Publishing Today

get your book published

Interested in having your book published by one of the big publishers? The book publishing business has changed in recent years, and you’re going to need to understand these changes if your heart is set on the traditional publishing route. This short video gives you a good overview of these changes, as well as the … Read more

Editor’s Pick: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

Glennon Doyle

Only once before in my life have I had the luck to receive a galley (for those of you who are not publishing types, a galley is an early review copy of a soon-to-be-published book) for a book that I was fairly certain would end up as a New York Times bestseller. The first was … Read more

Zhang Yang: Breaking All The Rules

zhang yang

I love it when one of the “hard and fast” rules I teach is elegantly altered by an encounter with great piece of art. Such was my experience watching Zhang Yang’s remarkable film “Paths of the Soul” last night at the Dairy Center theater here in Boulder. This movie begins with a rare window into … Read more

A Writer’s Dream: The Case for Great Expectations

writers dream

About four years into my publishing career I had an author conversation that hurt my heart. At the time I was working at Plume, a paperback division of Penguin USA. Part of my job was to shepherd the repackaging of “backlist” books. A backlist book is one that was published years ago (as contrasted with … Read more

The Myth of “I’ll Do It Tomorrow”

i'll do it tomorrow

It’s easy to think, “I’ll work on my book tomorrow.” Or next month. (Or next year.) We as humans are predisposed to believe we have all the time in the world. Myself very much included. This month, the KN Literary family got a wake-up call when we learned that our beloved admin-slash-project manager Rachel had … Read more

Love Your Writing Resistance


So here it is, the end of another super-busy day. Looking back at everything you accomplished, you gotta give yourself props. You busted through that to-do list like a bosslady. You fed yourself, and maybe your family. You negotiated that deal even more successfully than you expected. You walked the dog not once but twice! … Read more