Just Write One Page

I am a maker of to-do lists. I love how tidy it feels to get everything I’m hoping to accomplish out of my head and onto the page. The other day I sat down with my trusty yellow legal pad to make a list of all the things I needed to get done. Then, something strange...

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How to Become a Good Writer: Three Success Habits

“How do I become a good writer?!” If you have a burning desire to some day hold a published book in your hands, you may be asking this question. In that case, I’m about to get all Yoda on you. Simply said, “To be, you must do.” A large part of becoming better at...

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DIY Writing Retreat Guide: Everything You Need to Succeed

To someone with a book dream in their heart, there’s perhaps no more decadent phrase than “writing retreat.” But what does it mean to take a writing retreat? If you’re going DIY, how should you prepare? What’s different about a solo writing adventure versus a...

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Platform-Building for Introverts

I recently got a question from an aspiring author who asked, “How can an introvert like me deal with the marketing and all of the exposure that comes with having to sell my book?” Just in case you, too, want to go hide under a bed when you hear the term “author...

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[Video] Is An Author Website Worth It?

If you’re like just about any first-time author I meet, once you finally have your book in the world all you want to do is get the word out. You want to sell out every copy printed. You want it to influence every human being on the planet. So it makes me laugh when I...

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Author Spotlight: Writing a Memoir with Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Runfola is a world traveler, a mother of five, and the author of A Limitless Life in a Powerless World: A Memoir, released in February 2019. We first met her in the Fall of 2017, when she scheduled a call to talk with one of our matchmakers. From our first...

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