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Editing is a relationship. Let’s find your match!

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ARE YOU . . .

  • Unclear how to focus your thoughts?
  • Stuck on which topic to choose?
  • Worried nobody will want to read it?
  • Wondering if it’s “good enough”?
  • Having a hard time sitting down to write?
if so, you’re not alone!


  • Choose a selling book idea
  • Craft a strong outline
  • Avoid pitfalls like writer’s block
  • Rework your first draft
  • Polish your final draft

. . . and more!

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Maybe you’re just getting started and need some help visioning the book you want to write. Great—we can help! You’re looking at the Vision Plus Plan.


Perhaps you already have a first draft, but you know it needs some structural help. Is it working as a book? Is everything in the right order? This is where a developmental edit is critical.


So you have a book, and you’re pretty sure the content is in perfect order. All you need is a second set of eyes going over the words themselves. Perfect— Strictly Editorial is the plan for you.


Vision Plus Plan

Your editor will be by your side as you vision your book concept or “hook”, create an outline with impact, meet your deadlines, and produce the book you’ve been wanting to write. Plus, you get everything in the Developmental and Strictly Editorial plans above.

Expect a lot of contact with your editor in the visioning stage, coaching to keep you on track with the writing, and then three editorial passes once the full manuscript is in our hands.

Developmental Plan
We’ll give the book a first read, and will write you an editorial letter with helpful notes in the margins. We’ll be recommending revisions to the structure, organization, voice, narrative arc and more. This is the stage where a mediocre book becomes a great book. Our editors have decades of experience working for major publishing companies. Whether you hope to get a book contract or to self-publish, we won’t let you out of our sight until your book is as good as it can be.

Once you’ve completed your developmental revision (note: you can hire us to do the work for you if you’d like), we’ll give you all the perks of the Strictly Editorial plan below.

Strictly Editorial
You can expect two rounds of editing on this plan. First, we’ll do a deep edit, polishing your prose and suggesting any necessary clarifications and elucidations. And then, you’ll revise the draft and send it back to us for a final once-over.

In our final read, we’ll smooth out any last bumps—getting the book ship-shape and ready for action. What you will end up with is a book that is the best, most clear, most sophisticated version of your words and writing possible.

Do you have tons of ideas and dreams of writing, but get lost when you consider organizing it all into a book? No problem. That’s where a book doctor comes in.


The last step before a manuscript becomes a book is technical editing—that is, copyediting (while the book is still in manuscript form) and proofreading (once it’s been
set into type).


While the packages above give you more bang for your buck, all of our editorial services are available à la carte as well. Talk to us to craft
your personal plan.

Book Doctoring
A book doctor is a cross between an editor and a writer. It’s their job to sort through everything you’ve already created, craft an outline, and then start slotting your writing in the right place to create a book that works.

Expect to be involved in the process each step of the way, filling in any content gaps and approving cuts and changes. But unlike our other editorial services, a book doctor actually does the revision work for you.

Technical Editing
Literally zero percent of traditional publishers skip these steps; they are considered absolutely critical to providing an easy reading experience for your audience. You should follow their lead!

If you are self-publishing, you’ll need at least one round of each. We offer these services as part of our Self-Publishing Guidance Package, as well as à la carte.

Questions?  Head on over to our FAQs.

“Thank you, kn literary for all the help you provided with my proposal. The HH UK team was very impressed with the manuscript and even called it “brilliant”! The editor didn’t have to do a separate structural edit and went straight to the line edit because they said it’s in such good shape already. All thanks to your book and the work I have done with you and your team. I really can’t thank you enough!”

Yamile Yemoonyah
kn literary editorial client