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Hi writer friend!

I’m so excited you’ve started the journey toward getting your book into the world. If you attended a recent Hay House Writer’s Workshop, that means you’ve got transformational wisdom to share…and the world needs it! I’m so happy to be able to help you make the journey to the contest deadline as smooth as possible. Here are my tips:

  1. Bookmark this page. You’ll be able to come back to it over the next few months for information and inspiration!
  2. Download the Toolkit below. It contains really helpful information to get you on your way!
  3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. I am always adding videos to our page that I think will help my transformational writer friends. Join me and learn what my 20 years in the business has taught me!

And let us know if we can help along the way. Just click the “Schedule a Call” button to talk to a real, live human with lots of experience helping authors prepare for this contest.

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The Proposal Contest

Now…the ball is in your court! If you attended a live, in-person workshop, or are part of the online workshop, you have an amazing opportunity right in front of you: to enter the Writer’s Workshop proposal contest. Please do not let this pass you by! There are THREE really good reasons to enter:


  1. There is literally no other way to be seen by the Hay House editorial staff without being represented by a literary agent;
  2. As a Writer’s Workshop participant, you will not be expected to have a large author platform in order to win;
  3. We’ve found that having a hard-and-fast deadline is a HUGE motivator to actually get the proposal written–it can literally be the difference between wanting to write a book and actually writing it!
hay house writer's workshop

We Want to Help!

We at kn literary have had the honor of helping literally hundreds of authors prepare for the Hay House Writer’s Workshop contests–a number of whom have actually WON! And now we’d love to help YOU.

So we’ve created an Ultimate Proposal Prep Toolkit to help prepare you to enter the contest.

Take a look at all of the goodies inside:

hay house writer's workshop

Kelly’s Workshop Presentation Slides
PowerPoint file

As promised, if you missed any part of Kelly’s live presentation at the workshop, you don’t have to worry! The entire slideshow waiting for you.

hay house writer's workshop

3 Book Outline Templates

Writing an outline is one of the most necessary steps when writing a book. Save yourself time and energy by getting right the first time. In this download you will receive three templates that will help structure your thoughts and keep you focused as you write.

hay house writer's workshop

25 Publishers Who Want Your Book

This is your Plan B! Here Kelly has collected 25 publishers who are looking for books just like yours–and do not require a literary agent. Submit to the Hay House contest with confidence; you’ve got a back-up plan for that proposal, no matter what happens!

hay house writer's workshop

Meditation to Remove Writer’s Block

Kelly uses her NLP coaching experience to guide you through any roadblocks standing in the way of your own creativity. Writer’s block can be conquered; learn how!

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Upcoming Content Submission Dates

Writer’s Workshop Houston 2019

Submission: April 5, 2020
Announcement: June 5, 2020



Writer’s Workshop Boston 2020

Submission: April 17, 2021

Announcement: June 17, 2021

Writer’s Workshop Edinburgh, Scotland 2020

Submission: March 3, 2021

Announcement: May 3, 2021

hay house writer's workshop


…to our kn literary arts Hay House Winners!

Kelly McDaniel- Grand Prize: $10,000 Hay House publishing contract

Saskia Lichtenstern- Grand Prize UK Hay House publishing contract

Katie Bouvier – Runner Up: Balboa Press Master publishing package

Jordan Stark – 2nd Runner Up: Balboa Press Inspire publishing package

Beatriz Singer – Grand Prize: $10,000 Hay House publishing contract

Catherine Wilkins – Grand Prize: $10,000 Hay House publishing contract

Cyntha Gonzalez – Runner Up: Balboa Press Master publishing package

Rosie Gilbert – Grand Prize: $10,000 Hay House publishing contract

Suzanne Maiden – 2nd Runner Up: Balboa Press Inspire publishing package

Mary Shores – Grand Prize: $10,000 Hay House publishing contract

Nancy Mae – Runner Up: Balboa Press Master publishing package

Kathe Crawford – Grand Prize: $10,000 Hay House publishing contract