Launching a book will teach you a lot about yourself. About your capacity for great things, your ability to persevere, and your willingness to try new things.

One of the new things I tried while launching The Book You Were Born to Write was starting a YouTube channel.

Turns out I love making videos! And based on the feedback I continue to get, my followers are getting a lot out of the info I’ve been sharing. (Win-win!)

I’ve made on average one video a week for about six months now. What I haven’t done is hired a videographer—or spent a fortune.

In fact, my video set-up is so incredibly low-tech I absolutely, 100% know that you can do it, too!


How to Make Videos to Promote Your Book


That’s what this week’s quirky little video is all about. I’m literally showing you my whole set-up, including Amazon links for how to purchase the exact equipment I use.

Videos are a super-engaging way to transmit the information you have to share with the world. And I promise, you too can make fun, inspiring, info-rich videos for your followers!

All the details are right hereYou’ll learn:

  • The importance of launching a presence on YouTube
  • The exact (super low tech!) equipment I use to shoot my videos every week—including Amazon links
  • My answer to the common question, “Do I need a teleprompter?”
  • How my team edits my videos (hint: not much)
    …and more!

If you have an online video presence already, please pop info in the comments so we can come see you! And if you don’t have one yet, no worries: This video will help you get started today.


Kelly Notaras is the founder of kn literary arts and the author of THE BOOK YOU WERE BORN TO WRITE: Everything You Need to (Finally) Get Your Wisdom Onto the Page and Into the World, published by Hay House. An editor for 20 years, she’s worked at HarperCollins, Penguin, Hyperion and Sounds True. She speaks regularly at the Hay House Writer’s Workshops and offers consultation by appointment. Find out more about how she can help you with your book.