They say there’s more than one way to bake a cake. While I’m not sure about that (I live in Colorado, where altitude ensures that all of my cakes come out like, well, pancakes) it is true when that “cake” is writing your life story!

In this video I introduce you to:


Five books I absolutely love for getting started writing memoir.

Each one has just a little something…different to say.

These favorites of mine include:

  • An easy to read guide from someone just like you who became a successful memoirist
  • A practical handbook for picking the best moments from your life
  • Guides from two of today’s best-selling memoirists—these are not to be missed!
  • And more!

Get ready to browse straight to your favorite bookseller, because you are going to want these books ASAP! Watch the video here.


How to write a memoir


Kelly Notaras is the founder of kn literary arts and the author of THE BOOK YOU WERE BORN TO WRITE: Everything You Need to (Finally) Get Your Wisdom Onto the Page and Into the World, published by Hay House. An editor for 20 years, she’s worked at HarperCollins, Penguin, Hyperion and Sounds True. She speaks regularly at the Hay House Writer’s Workshops and offers consultation by appointment. Find out more about how she can help you with your book.