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One of the secrets of the book publishing process is that writing the book is only half the battle. Once you’ve got a book in hand, you have to actually sell it.
These days, not even traditional publishers can be counted on to get your book into the hands of readers for you. You have to build your own platform from which to sell all those beautiful copies.

Building a sizable platform can seem daunting when you’re just getting started. But it doesn’t have to be! In truth, it’s a step-by-step process that can be easy and fun. And better yet? You don’t have to do it alone.


Nothing feels better than receiving a message from a reader whose life was changed by your book. Better yet when it’s someone you don’t know personally—someone who found you through the grapevine of your author platform.

Your author platform consists of:

  • Your email list
  • Your social media following
  • The newsletters you send
  • The blogs you write
  • The videos you post
  • The podcasts you record
  • The speaking you do
  • The happy readers you get talking about your book

While it takes time and energy, working on your platform can be rewarding and satisfying. Let us help you map out your plan—and execute it for you, if you don’t have time.

Find Your audience
We can teach you how to do it. Or we can do it for you.

The #1 word in publishing today—platform—doesn’t need to be scary! Marketing your book to readers who want and need exactly what you offer can be fun and rewarding. Let our expert consultants map out a plan to get you there.

Don’t have time to DIY? No problem. Our marketing associates will take on the heavy lifting. You provide the content, and we will disseminate it across all relevant platforms on your behalf.

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“My kn literary coach had keen ideas about marketing and promotion. [This, paired with] her organizational skills, conspired to help me complete my project.”

Trish Muehsam
kn literary platform building client