Someone’s Already Used Your Title…Now What?

The fact is, over 300,000 books are published every year. As original as each of us is, we aren’t that original in certain ways. As an aspiring author, you may bump up against this lack of originality in one particular—painful—way. During the research phase that is de rigeur for any author on the rise, you … Read more

How to Make Money Writing Books

how to make money writing books

Back in college I took a class on the great works of Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Never had two more romantic figures entered my view. Starving artists just trying to find a clean, well-lighted place to write. Parisian nights and Barcelona days. Champagne and cigarettes; war and women. My schoolgirl heart was enchantée, to say the … Read more

Key Insider Tips about Traditional Publishing

Key Insider Tips about Traditional Publishing

Most of the aspiring authors I talk to want very much to be published by a traditional publisher right now. You may understand the feeling. (I certainly do!) And, there’s often a lot these hardworking, big-dreaming authors don’t yet know about how the biz works. Today I’m offering some key insider tips about the traditional … Read more

[VIDEO] To Strategize Your Platform-Building, Start with This Pyramid

Fans, Superfans and Megafans

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. “How big a platform do I need to turn the head of a traditional publisher?” When I throw out ballpark figures, my authors often wilt. “How am I going to get that many subscribers? I don’t know nearly that many people!” Luckily, it’s not … Read more