Book Launch: The Essential Guide

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Introduction Chapter 1: Book Launch Basics Chapter 2: The Book Launch Myth Chapter 3: Finding Your Voice Chapter 4: Book Launch Timeline Chapter 5: Book Launch Team Chapter 6: Book Launch Dos Chapter 7: Book Launch Don’ts Chapter 8: Book Launch Campaign Ideas Conclusion INTRODUCTION “I can plan my book launch without all of the … Read more

An 18-Month Book Launch Plan that Works!

By the time I launched my first book, I had already been in the industry for 20 years. So I’d had the great fortune of seeing what had worked for other people—and what hadn’t. Suffice it to say, I’d learned a lot. Including the fact that an author’s work doesn’t stop when the book is … Read more

[VIDEO] How to Measure Book Launch Success

How to Measure Book Launch Success

I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I’ve received these past few months in relationship to the launch of The Book You Were Born to Write. Good wishes, congratulations and positive feedback have been abundant. But there’s one question that’s lingering in the air…a query many are wondering silently, and many more are actually asking me: … Read more

Your Book Will Change Lives

Your Book Will Change Lives

Well, that was an exciting week! The Book You Were Born to Write officially published on Tuesday! I had my first bookstore reading/signing event on Wednesday, and the room was crammed with people I love and admire!  On Thursday, an article I wrote got published in Best Self Magazine! It’s the last one that I would like to … Read more

[VIDEO] What to Do the Day Your Book Publishes

What to Do the Day Your Book Publishes

The book journey has many exciting moments. Surprisingly, “pub day” is rarely one of them! It may sound counterintuitive, but by the time your book publishes most of the heavy lifting is behind you.  Unless you’ve scheduled a bookstore event or a book launch party, pub day is more of a whimper than a bang.  But you … Read more

[VIDEO] Why Book Endorsements Are Overrated

Why Book Endorsements Are Overrated

It’s the second to last week of my book launch and I’m about to transition from preparing for this moment, to enjoying this moment! Yeah!!   Part of the enjoyment is connecting with my gratitude for everyone who has helped me and this book along the path.  On my to-do list for this week is sending copies of my book to … Read more

[VIDEO] You Need These Players on Your Book Launch Team

gathering Your Book Launch Support Team

Just three weeks until The Book You Were Born to Write enters the world, and the excitement is almost overwhelming! I swear the weeks get shorter, the closer we get to publication day. In fact, if there’s nothing you take away from this blog, take this word of warning: Time speeds up during a book … Read more

[VIDEO] Why You Shouldn’t Go on a Book Tour

When you’ve got a book coming out in the world, everybody is going to start asking you the same question:   “Are you going on a book tour?”   My answer, after 20 years in the book business, is an emphatic NO!  In this video explains why—and what to do instead. Filmed just five weeks before my own … Read more

[VIDEO] 3 Ways to Reduce Book Launch Stress

A book launch can bring up many feelings, including excitement, exhilaration, and—like it or not—a certain amount of stress. So much preparation has gone into writing, editing and setting the book up for publication that releasing it into the world can feel like a make-or-break moment.    Beyond the logistical do’s and don’ts, every book launch education must include practical tips for managing stress and staying positive … Read more