[VIDEO] How to Find a Great Editor in Four Steps

There’s a lot to learn as an aspiring author. But nothing is more important than understanding how to find a great editor. A good editorial relationship can be the difference between loving your book journey and feeling overwhelmed, under-supported and just plain miserable. I’m not exaggerating. I hear every day how influential and important our … Read more

[VIDEO] How to Prepare for a Writing Retreat

How to Prepare for a Writing Retreat

What’s a great way to kickstart your book dream—or revive it, after a dormant period? Plan yourself a writing retreat! You probably know how to book yourself a sweet Airbnb by the ocean or a cabin in the mountains. (Or a spot at a beautiful retreat center—I’d love to meet you on one of my … Read more

[VIDEO] You Need These Players on Your Book Launch Team

gathering Your Book Launch Support Team

Just three weeks until The Book You Were Born to Write enters the world, and the excitement is almost overwhelming! I swear the weeks get shorter, the closer we get to publication day. In fact, if there’s nothing you take away from this blog, take this word of warning: Time speeds up during a book … Read more

Can Literary Rejection Be a Good Thing?

It happened to Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl 15 times.  Twilight author Stephanie Meyers endured it 14 times.  Even Harry Potter—everybody’s favorite child wizard—experienced it 10 times.  What’s the magic experience I’m talking about? The cold slap of literary rejection.  Yep, each of these massive, category-killing bestsellers was at one time turned down by agent after agent; editor after editor.   (Proving beyond a … Read more

Proofreading 101: What It Is, and Why You Need It

Page proofs…galley pages…typeset pages…first pass pages. Different names, same thing. We’re talking about a critical turning point in the author’s journey. Specifically, the moment when your manuscript starts transforming into an actual book.  The term “proofreading” has entered the general lexicon, so it’s likely you’ve got a basic sense of what it entails. Perhaps the word brings to mind the image of an editor, … Read more

A Tour of the Publishing World with Rob Kandell

publishing world

Ready to throw in the towel because you’ve received 3 rejections? 10? Kelly says not so fast. Take a listen to her conversation with teacher, coach, and lecturer Rob Kandell on his podcast Tuff Love. Kelly addresses the real reasons you should–or should not–write a book, how the publishing industry has changed since she got started 20+ … Read more

Why Writing a Book Is an Act of Courage

writing a book

Each time I meet someone who wants to write a book, I send up a little prayer. May your book be of service in the world. May you find the help you need to get it out there. And may you have the bravery to follow your book journey all the way to the end. … Read more

Good Bones: Crafting a Solid Book Structure

book structure

A great title, cover and concept are often enough to get a reader to pull your book off the shelf. But what keeps her reading until the every end, and gets her to recommend the book to friends? The answer is an amazing reading experience. One where the content of the book flows so seamlessly … Read more

A Publishing Timeline for First-Time Authors

publishing timeline

No matter how you slice it, writing a book is a big, long, complex job. Most first-time writers assume that once they finish their draft manuscript, the heavy lifting is complete. All they have to do is wait for their publisher to put a few things together, and they’ll have a beautiful book in their … Read more