Author Spotlight: Teri Dillion, Self-Published Author of “No Pressure, No Diamonds”

I’ve known Teri Dillion for over a decade, having first met on a month-long meditation retreat in Colorado in 2008. Back then if you’d asked me about her, I would have spoken of her devotion to her practice and her penetrating blue eyes. Today, if you asked me about her, I would speak of courage, … Read more

How These 5 Editing Types Take Your Book from Good to Great

Readers hold a high standard for books because of the expectations set by traditional publishers. That means that whether you’re going the self-publishing or traditional publishing route, you need to meet the current market standard. We all know traditional houses have entire teams focused on taking a book from good to great. But it doesn’t … Read more

What Does a Literary Agent Do? An Interview with Lucinda Halpern

Some of the biggest questions for authors who want to traditionally publish is, Will I find an agent to represent my book? What does a literary agent do? And if I want one, how do I best position myself for success? That’s why we decided to sit down with our friend Lucinda Halpern, founder and … Read more

How a Book Coach Can Help You Finish Your Book

  I’ve been posting a lot of content on Youtube lately that’s focused on one thing: Writing inspiration. Reminding you not only that you can write this book, but that you have to write it! If you have a book dream in your heart, Life is planning something. Something important. And it’s your job to follow … Read more

Why You Should Find an Editor BEFORE You Start Writing

Find an Editor

If you’re an independent spirit like me, you might feel like: You should “already know how to write a book.” Asking for help before you’ve completed a first draft means you’re “not a real writer.” You might think that “real authors don’t need help.” I totally understand. But with all due respect, you’re totally wrong. … Read more

How to Overcome “Death by Editing”

How to Overcome “Death by Editing”

“A complete first draft.” The phrase itself brings a burst of warmth to the aspiring author’s heart. A first draft is your ticket to the whole game. Without a first draft you can’t have a second draft, and without a second draft you can’t have a final draft, and without a final draft…well, you get … Read more

How to Know if You’ve Got a “Big” Book Idea

How to Know if You’ve Got a “Big” Book Idea

When I used to sit at editorial meetings, presenting possible books to the team, I always wanted to be able to say one thing. “This author has a big idea.” A big idea, in this environment, was gold. It’s one of the things agents and editors are always looking for, because it so often translates … Read more

[VIDEO] How to Find a Great Editor in Four Steps

There’s a lot to learn as an aspiring author. But nothing is more important than understanding how to find a great editor. A good editorial relationship can be the difference between loving your book journey and feeling overwhelmed, under-supported and just plain miserable. I’m not exaggerating. I hear every day how influential and important our … Read more