Is Your Book Too Long or Too Short?

Piles of papers with paperclips with the title: Is Your Book Too Long or Too Short?

What happens if you finish your manuscript and your book is either way too long or way too short?  First of all, what even counts as too long or too short?  If you’re writing “for your heart or your art,” it really doesn’t matter. You do you. But if you’re writing your book with hopes of big sales … Read more

What Does Your Platform Size Have To Do With Your Book Topic?

Pop Quiz! 🤓 Which of these two sentences do you think is correct? I don’t have a very big platform, so I need to make sure my book appeals to more people.  OR I don’t have a very big platform, so I need to make sure my book appeals to a very narrow, specific audience.  … Read more

What Are 3 Things That Good Writers Do?

Just like playing the banjo, knitting, and competing in hot dog-eating competitions, writing is a skill that you can always get better at! Some people may seem like they have natural writing talent. However, research shows that practice leads to better results than talent alone.  With decades of experience in the publishing industry, we like … Read more

Author Spotlight: Shanita Liu, Author of Dear Durga

Image of author Shanita Liu and the cover of her new book: Dear Durga

We are so excited to share an interview with one of our clients who has recently published her first book! We hope you’ll be inspired by her journey to share her lessons about courage with the world. So without further rambling (long intros are the worst, right?), let’s chat with Shanita Liu about Dear Durga: … Read more

Are You Ready to Write Your Transformational Story?

Are You Ready to Write Your Transformational Story?

I recently finished reading Tara Westover’s extraordinary memoir, Educated, about her fundamentalist, abusive upbringing in rural Idaho—and how getting an education saved her. What a gripping story, written beautifully. Just the kind of unflinching memoir I love. For all of you aspiring memoirists out there who wonder whether anyone would want to read about the … Read more

3 Clues that You’re a Gifted Writer

3 Clues that You’re a Gifted Writer

“Am I a good enough writer to become a published author?” This is a query we get from aspiring authors every single day. I’ll admit it: For years I’ve shied away from the straightforward yes/no response clients are looking for when they ask a question like this. I simply haven’t seen it as my job … Read more

[VIDEO] How to Find a Great Editor in Four Steps

There’s a lot to learn as an aspiring author. But nothing is more important than understanding how to find a great editor. A good editorial relationship can be the difference between loving your book journey and feeling overwhelmed, under-supported and just plain miserable. I’m not exaggerating. I hear every day how influential and important our … Read more

Your Book Will Change Lives

Your Book Will Change Lives

Well, that was an exciting week! The Book You Were Born to Write officially published on Tuesday! I had my first bookstore reading/signing event on Wednesday, and the room was crammed with people I love and admire!  On Thursday, an article I wrote got published in Best Self Magazine! It’s the last one that I would like to … Read more