Should You Call Yourself a Writer?

There are plenty of titles that have to be officially given to you. Doctor. Police officer. đź‘‘King of England. “Writer” is not one of those titles.  Yet so many aspiring authors are hesitant to claim the identity and call themselves a writer. Maybe as a kid, you didn’t get good grades in English class. For … Read more

The First Step to Writing a Nonfiction Book

Want to know the super-important, often-overlooked first step to writing a nonfiction book? (We consider skipping this to be at the top of our imaginary “nonfiction mistakes” list.) If you want to write your memoir, a self-help/personal growth book, a spirituality book, or any kind of transformational nonfiction, this first step will save you a … Read more

What Are 3 Things That Good Writers Do?

Just like playing the banjo, knitting, and competing in hot dog-eating competitions, writing is a skill that you can always get better at! Some people may seem like they have natural writing talent. However, research shows that practice leads to better results than talent alone.  With decades of experience in the publishing industry, we like … Read more

Author Spotlight: Shanita Liu, Author of Dear Durga

Image of author Shanita Liu and the cover of her new book: Dear Durga

We are so excited to share an interview with one of our clients who has recently published her first book! We hope you’ll be inspired by her journey to share her lessons about courage with the world. So without further rambling (long intros are the worst, right?), let’s chat with Shanita Liu about Dear Durga: … Read more

Your Book Will Change Lives

Your Book Will Change Lives

Well, that was an exciting week! The Book You Were Born to Write officially published on Tuesday! I had my first bookstore reading/signing event on Wednesday, and the room was crammed with people I love and admire!  On Thursday, an article I wrote got published in Best Self Magazine! It’s the last one that I would like to … Read more

[VIDEO] 4 Examples of Lead Magnets: Giveaways That Build Your List

When it comes to building your platform—as part of your book launch or anytime—you’ll need to woo folks into handing over their email address. How do you create a convincing case for ponying up such precious information? By offering them something precious in return! Any free content or experience you offer a visitor in exchange … Read more

Proofreading 101: What It Is, and Why You Need It

Page proofs…galley pages…typeset pages…first pass pages. Different names, same thing. We’re talking about a critical turning point in the author’s journey. Specifically, the moment when your manuscript starts transforming into an actual book.  The term “proofreading” has entered the general lexicon, so it’s likely you’ve got a basic sense of what it entails. Perhaps the word brings to mind the image of an editor, … Read more

How to Start Writing a Book: 14 Micro-Steps to Get You Going!

With all the complex information I’ve gathered about how to start writing books over the past 20 years, I sometimes forget the simplest things. To wit, the fact that many of the aspiring authors I meet literally do not know how to get started. It may seem simple, right? You sit down and start writing. But in … Read more