The First Step to Writing a Nonfiction Book

Want to know the super-important, often-overlooked first step to writing a nonfiction book? (We consider skipping this to be at the top of our imaginary “nonfiction mistakes” list.) If you want to write your memoir, a self-help/personal growth book, a spirituality book, or any kind of transformational nonfiction, this first step will save you a … Read more

What Are 3 Things That Good Writers Do?

Just like playing the banjo, knitting, and competing in hot dog-eating competitions, writing is a skill that you can always get better at! Some people may seem like they have natural writing talent. However, research shows that practice leads to better results than talent alone.  With decades of experience in the publishing industry, we like … Read more

Someone’s Already Used Your Title…Now What?

The fact is, over 300,000 books are published every year. As original as each of us is, we aren’t that original in certain ways. As an aspiring author, you may bump up against this lack of originality in one particular—painful—way. During the research phase that is de rigeur for any author on the rise, you … Read more

How to Overcome “Death by Editing”

How to Overcome “Death by Editing”

“A complete first draft.” The phrase itself brings a burst of warmth to the aspiring author’s heart. A first draft is your ticket to the whole game. Without a first draft you can’t have a second draft, and without a second draft you can’t have a final draft, and without a final draft…well, you get … Read more

[VIDEO] For the Love of God, Back Up Your Book Files!

for the love of god, back up your book files!

Recently I was chatting with my friend and fellow author Bridget Fonger. We were recording an episode of her podcast, Superhero of Love, when she told me something awful. Not just a little awful—unthinkably awful. Like, don’t-make-me-even-contemplate-this brutal. What was this terrifying thing she told me? Brace yourself… Recently Bridget’s computer died—and took the draft … Read more