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You bring the ideas. We bring the writing savvy.

together, we make magic
Our Writing Services

Let us map out the book on your behalf—then we can write the outline for you, or you can write it yourself.

You only get one chance to make a first impression with a publisher or agent. Leave it to us to craft a shining and professional proposal.

Our experienced writers have quietly penned dozens of books since 2013, some of which you’d recognize. (But we don’t kiss and tell.)

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You have wisdom to share with the world, but you also have a lot going on. We get it. You don’t have to retreat to a cabin for five years to finally complete your dream book. You also don’t need to sacrifice running your business, caring for clients, or spending free time with your family.
there is another way

An estimated one-third of the books you see on the shelves were written by someone whose name is not on the cover. Many others had significant help.

For book professionals, the term “collaborative writer” is not a dirty word.

With our writing services, you can have a full manuscript ready for publication in as little as six months—as little as eight weeks for a proposal!

the plan

Meet Your Writer

By voice or in writing, your writer will interview you to get all the information needed to structure the book and start writing.

Approve a Sample

Your writer will provide an outline and sample chapter to start with—and together you’ll revise it until it feels totally “you.”

Collaborate Until Complete

You’ll receive chapters as they are completed, with plenty of time for you to respond, edit and ask questions. In as little as six months, you’ll have a book in hand!