21 Micro-Commitments Every Aspiring Writer Should Make

21 Micro-Commitments Any Aspiring Writer Should Make

Perhaps by now, you’ve discovered this truth: Writing a book is, basically, a commitment between two covers. And writers? We’re human beings like anybody else. Entirely prone to running the opposite direction when a commitment looms on the horizon. Just like garden-variety commitment-phobia, the antidote to the writerly version is simple. In the words of … Read more

[VIDEO] Four Writing Goals You Will Actually Keep

Four Writing Goals You Will Actually Keep

The New Year is underway, and I have just one question for you: Did you make writing resolutions that you’ll actually be able to keep? Every year I watch dozens of aspiring authors set themselves ambitious writing goals. And just a few days later they’ve already let them go! Success is the fuel of any … Read more

[VIDEO] To Strategize Your Platform-Building, Start with This Pyramid

Fans, Superfans and Megafans

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. “How big a platform do I need to turn the head of a traditional publisher?” When I throw out ballpark figures, my authors often wilt. “How am I going to get that many subscribers? I don’t know nearly that many people!” Luckily, it’s not … Read more