How These 5 Editing Types Take Your Book from Good to Great

Readers hold a high standard for books because of the expectations set by traditional publishers. That means that whether you’re going the self-publishing or traditional publishing route, you need to meet the current market standard. We all know traditional houses have entire teams focused on taking a book from good to great. But it doesn’t … Read more

Proofreading 101: What It Is, and Why You Need It

Page proofs…galley pages…typeset pages…first pass pages. Different names, same thing. We’re talking about a critical turning point in the author’s journey. Specifically, the moment when your manuscript starts transforming into an actual book.  The term “proofreading” has entered the general lexicon, so it’s likely you’ve got a basic sense of what it entails. Perhaps the word brings to mind the image of an editor, … Read more