Should You Hire Your Own Editor?

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🤔 If you get assigned an editor when you publish your book through a traditional publisher, why would you pay to work with a separate editor? It might surprise you to learn that we work with a lot of authors who already have book deals or who are hoping to go through a traditional publisher.  The publishing … Read more

How These 5 Editing Types Take Your Book from Good to Great

Readers hold a high standard for books because of the expectations set by traditional publishers. That means that whether you’re going the self-publishing or traditional publishing route, you need to meet the current market standard. We all know traditional houses have entire teams focused on taking a book from good to great. But it doesn’t … Read more

Why You Should Find an Editor BEFORE You Start Writing

Find an Editor

If you’re an independent spirit like me, you might feel like: You should “already know how to write a book.” Asking for help before you’ve completed a first draft means you’re “not a real writer.” You might think that “real authors don’t need help.” I totally understand. But with all due respect, you’re totally wrong. … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Using a Pen Name


Let’s face it: Putting a book into the world can be a vulnerable thing. You’re putting your words…your story…your ideas…dare I say your heart, right out there. And if you’re lucky and do your job right, people are going to read it! And judge it! And most frighteningly, write Amazon reviews about it! (Cue the … Read more

Quick Start Guide to Building Your Author Platform

author platform

As an aspiring author, there is (no joke) so much you could be doing at any given moment. But perhaps nothing is as freaky-scary-frustrating to new authors as the concept of building a platform. Your “platform” is the audience that’s ready and waiting to buy your book when it hits the shelf. Publishers want you … Read more

Why Done Is Not Good Enough for a Book

Done Is Not Good Enough for a Book

Not long ago a friend told me she had someone she wanted to introduce me to. Let’s call this person Cathy. Cathy, my friend told me, had just published a book! As an editor, I’m intimately aware of how much time, effort and energy it takes to cross the threshold from “writer” to “author.” Anybody … Read more

How to Overcome “Death by Editing”

How to Overcome “Death by Editing”

“A complete first draft.” The phrase itself brings a burst of warmth to the aspiring author’s heart. A first draft is your ticket to the whole game. Without a first draft you can’t have a second draft, and without a second draft you can’t have a final draft, and without a final draft…well, you get … Read more

Do I Need a Ghostwriter or a Book Doctor?

book doctor

By now, I suspect you know that I suggest for everyone who is writing a book to get professional help. Editing help, that is. But I am writing this article for those of you who know–or at least suspect–that you need a lot of that help. Maybe you’re incredibly busy and just don’t have the … Read more

How to Make Videos to Promote Your Book

[VIDEO] How to Make Videos to Promote Your Book

Launching a book will teach you a lot about yourself. About your capacity for great things, your ability to persevere, and your willingness to try new things. One of the new things I tried while launching The Book You Were Born to Write was starting a YouTube channel. Turns out I love making videos! And … Read more