Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: Which is Right for You?

Woman with gray hair and tattoos looking at a laptop and writing on a notepad. Title of the blog posts is overlaid: Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Self-publishing and traditional publishing are both great options for getting your book out in the world, each with pros and cons. One option is not better than the other. It all depends on what you want and where you are at in your book journey.  Many authors actually switch back and forth between self-publishing and … Read more

How to Self-Publish a Book: The Guide Every New Author Needs

how to self-publish a book

Table of Contents Chapter 1: Four Publishing Options Chapter 2: Self-Publishing Timeline Chapter 3: What is POD? Chapter 4: What Will You Need to Self-Publish Your Book? Chapter 5: How to Make Your Self-Published Book Look “Traditionally Published” Chapter 6: Preparing for Your Book Launch Chapter 7: Next Steps Chapter 1 Four Book Publishing Options One of the most frequent questions … Read more

Author Spotlight: Teri Dillion, Self-Published Author of “No Pressure, No Diamonds”

I’ve known Teri Dillion for over a decade, having first met on a month-long meditation retreat in Colorado in 2008. Back then if you’d asked me about her, I would have spoken of her devotion to her practice and her penetrating blue eyes. Today, if you asked me about her, I would speak of courage, … Read more

How to Self-Publish: The Exact Steps You Need to Publish Your Own Book

What’s so cool about being an aspiring author today is that there is literally nothing standing in the way of you having a book in the world. You don’t have to receive permission from the Great Gods of Publishing anymore. You can simply DIY and self-publish! That said, there are a lot of things aspiring … Read more

Why Self-Publishing Has a Bad Rap: Three Pitfalls and Their Antidotes


Let’s face it, my friends. Self-publishing has a bad rap. Publishing your own book is snootily labeled second-class, amateur, slipshod, self-centered, unprofessional and much worse. In the “bad old days” (before the digital print-on-demand revolution rendered self-publishing a reasonable pursuit for just about any author) DIY publishers were actually called “vanity presses”! The stigma, as … Read more

[VIDEO] Why You Should Price Your eBook at $1.99

Why You Should Sell Your eBook for

A couple months after my book published, I learned Hay House was putting the eBook on sale for the “low, low price” of $1.99. I was psyched. Why? Because as someone in the book biz, I know that making an eBook super cheap also makes it super easy for readers to say YES. Marking down … Read more

[VIDEO] 4 Examples of Lead Magnets: Giveaways That Build Your List

When it comes to building your platform—as part of your book launch or anytime—you’ll need to woo folks into handing over their email address. How do you create a convincing case for ponying up such precious information? By offering them something precious in return! Any free content or experience you offer a visitor in exchange … Read more

Can Literary Rejection Be a Good Thing?

It happened to Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl 15 times.  Twilight author Stephanie Meyers endured it 14 times.  Even Harry Potter—everybody’s favorite child wizard—experienced it 10 times.  What’s the magic experience I’m talking about? The cold slap of literary rejection.  Yep, each of these massive, category-killing bestsellers was at one time turned down by agent after agent; editor after editor.   (Proving beyond a … Read more

A Tour of the Publishing World with Rob Kandell

publishing world

Ready to throw in the towel because you’ve received 3 rejections? 10? Kelly says not so fast. Take a listen to her conversation with teacher, coach, and lecturer Rob Kandell on his podcast Tuff Love. Kelly addresses the real reasons you should–or should not–write a book, how the publishing industry has changed since she got started 20+ … Read more

Good Bones: Crafting a Solid Book Structure

book structure

A great title, cover and concept are often enough to get a reader to pull your book off the shelf. But what keeps her reading until the every end, and gets her to recommend the book to friends? The answer is an amazing reading experience. One where the content of the book flows so seamlessly … Read more