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Why Book Endorsements Are Overrated

[VIDEO] Why Book Endorsements Are Overrated

It’s the second to last week of my book launch and I’m about to transition from preparing for this moment, to enjoying this moment! Yeah!!  

Part of the enjoyment is connecting with my gratitude for everyone who has helped me and this book along the path. 

On my to-do list for this week is sending copies of my book to the generous souls who endorsed the book, along with a note of thanks. 

“Endorsements”—a.k.a. “blurbs” or “advance praise”—are those quotes from famous authors or industry titans that appear on the cover of your book, encouraging you to take it home with you. 

These little gems of praise can help tip the scales for a book buyer who is on the fence about whether or not to buy your book. 

They are a definite “good to have” when you’re publishing. 

THAT SAID….I find that many first-time authors over-focus on acquiring blurbs—thinking they are the make-or-break element standing between them and book publishing success. 

Here’s a tip: They’re not that important.  

How do I know? Because I’ve seen books without endorsements hit bestseller lists and go on to long-term success, and I’ve seen books with the most impressive endorsements on the planet (think Stephen King) totally tank. 

That’s why I’ve made you a video that’s all about the quest for endorsements. You’ll learn:  

  • The truth about the relationship between endorsements and sales 
  • The brief window in the publishing process when you should solicit them 
  • How to get some good ones, if you decide you want to go for it 

Watch the video to learn what you need to know as you choose your endorsement journey!

why book endorsements are overrated video



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