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for the love of god, back up your book files!

[VIDEO] For the Love of God, Back Up Your Book Files!

Recently I was chatting with my friend and fellow author Bridget Fonger. We were recording an episode of her podcast, Superhero of Love, when she told me something awful.

Not just a little awful—unthinkably awful.

Like, don’t-make-me-even-contemplate-this brutal.

What was this terrifying thing she told me? Brace yourself…

Recently Bridget’s computer died—and took the draft of her next book with it.

[Cue the horror music.]

Seriously my friend, think about that. All those hours of labor. All that intellectual property. All those hopes and dreams.

Gone in the blink of an eye.

Which led me to making this week’s video, all about how I personally make sure this misfortune never, ever happens to me. In the video I explain:

  • The horrible incident that got me to finally take massive back-up action
  • The two cloud-based back-up systems I depend on every single day
  • My back-up backup—just in case the world ends and takes the web down with it

If you’re working on a book, you literally cannot afford not to watch this week’s video. And then—take action today if you aren’t already a zealous backer upper!

If you do just one thing today for your book dream, make it this BACK UP YOUR WORK!

Ignore this warning at your peril and—as Bridget can attest—at the risk of many, many ugly cries.

This is truly the most important message I could share with you aspiring writers. Please watch the video!

How to Safely Back up your manuscript files



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