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Networking for Writers: How to Make Connections that Lead to Readers

Want to know the quickest way to have someone decline a night out with you? Ask them to accompany you to a networking function!

Networking, ewwww!

Most people think it means walking into a room of strangers and laying it on super thick. You know, bragging about yourself, tooting your own horn as loudly as possible, and naming off a list of accomplishments like a walking dating profile.

Newsflash: This is not what successful networking looks like.

In this video I explain how networking for authors can be as easy as developing a new friendship. No smarmy self-aggrandizing, feel of uneasiness or dread required.


Successful networking is all about finding common ground.


In this video I will share:

  • Practices I’ve seen work BEST for authors
  • What is exchanged in a successful networking relationship
  • Ways to properly nurture and maintain your new friendship
  • My 4 Never Ever, Evers – things you must NEVER do when attempting to connect
  • And more!

So please, put on something presentable and join me for the stimulating conversation in this video! You will be so glad you attended.






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